什么是二元Fixed Time Trade

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Fixed Income

Read our views on trends in the fixed income market affecting bonds, CDs, and money markets. Or explore other investing topics:

Schwab Market Perspective: Mixed Signals

Although some recent economic data has been strong, the bigger picture is more nuanced. Some leading economic indicators have begun signaling recession, and the Treasury yield curve is inverted.

The Strong Dollar: Can It Continue?

A trifecta of factors support the dollar, including the relatively strong performance of the U.S. economy, tightening monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, and safe-haven 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade buying. These are likely to remain intact into 2023.

MBS: Yields are Up, but Fed Policy Poses a Risk

Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) yields may have room to rise as the Federal Reserve continues its "quantitative tightening" process. However, MBS have unique characteristics that investors should understand before considering them as an investment.

Five Big Issues Top Washington's To-Do List

With several key issues moving to the front burner in Washington, investors are asking questions about what they could mean to their finances now and into retirement.

5 Common Mistakes Muni Investors Make and How to Correct Them

Despite their best efforts, muni investors often unknowingly make mistakes with their portfolios which can lead to poor financial outcomes. The good news is that most mistakes can be corrected.

Fed 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade Rate Hikes: Why Are Bond Yields Falling?

The Federal Reserve's pledge to curb inflation appears to have resonated with the market. If the central bank raises rates as much as recent projections 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade indicate, the risk of recession rises. Consequently, bond yields have been pulling back from recent highs and the yield curve has flattened.

2022 Mid-Year Muni Market Outlook

We suggest that muni investors consider taking advantage of the recent selloff by moving up in both credit quality and coupon structure, and moderately extending duration.

2022 Mid-Year Corporate Credit Outlook

After the steep drop in prices during 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade the first half of this year, yields on many corporate bond investments are at or near 12-year highs. While that is attractive from an income perspective, we still suggest a maintaining a defensive approach, as risks are rising.

Fed Gets Aggressive: What's It Mean for Investors?

Sticky inflation leads Fed to give rates a bigger bump. Could change be on the horizon for the 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade economy and the markets?

2022 Mid-Year Market Outlook: Under Pressure

Economic uncertainty may have peaked in the first half of 2022, but it remains high. Stocks are likely to continue to feel the weight of Federal Reserve policy tightening, shrinking market liquidity and slower economic growth.

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International Trade and World Market (Trade Disputes)

Plus the U.S. and Taiwan will begin 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade formal trade talks and Cambodia spars with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

By Amelia Nierenberg

Why Buying an Electric Car Just Became More Complicated

The new climate, tax and health law signed by President Biden extends a credit for electric vehicle buyers. But there are new 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade strings attached that kick in at different times.

By Jim Tankersley

Europe’s Scorching Summer Puts Unexpected Strain on Energy Supply

The dry summer has reduced hydropower in Norway, threatened nuclear reactors in France and crimped coal 什么是二元Fixed Time Trade transport in Germany. And that’s on top of Russian gas cuts.什么是二元Fixed Time Trade

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U.S. to Begin Formal Trade Talks With Taiwan

The announcement comes amid tensions with China over the self-governing island, which several American lawmakers recently visited.

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U.N. Ship Carries 23,000 Metric Tons of Grain From Ukraine to Africa

The first United Nations ship to transport Ukrainian grain to the Horn of Africa since the start of Russia’s invasion has set sail from southern Ukraine, the World Food Program said.

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Falling Oil Prices Defy Predictions. But What About the Next Chapter?

Oil is under $90 a barrel, and consumers are benefiting. Geopolitics, the economy and unforeseen events will determine whether the relief will last.

By Clifford Krauss

Japan Bounces Back to Economic Growth as Coronavirus Fears Recede

A public weary of virus precautions pushed up consumption of goods and services, but the longer-term picture is uncertain as the global economy weakens.

By Ben Dooley and Hisako Ueno

Ivory Coast Supplies the World With Cocoa. Now It Wants Some for Itself.

A new generation of Ivory Coast chocolatiers is striving to change an industry that has long left cocoa farmers in poverty.

By Elian Peltier and Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

Mostly Bluster: Why China Went Easy on Taiwan’s Economy

The economic bans that China imposed on Taiwan for hosting Speaker Nancy Pelosi were not especially painful. Increasing the pressure could hurt China’s own economy.