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WIKIFX REPORT: Ronaldinho joins Olymp Trade as an ambassador


摘要:The worldwide famous football player has now joined a new team with a goal to attack the financial market


Olymp Trade, an international trading platform, is 下载Olymp Trade移动应用程序 excited to launch collaboration with the football legend Ronldinho and welcome him as their ambassador. Being the epitome of achievement and 下载Olymp Trade移动应用程序 success, which are rooted in anticipation, instant reaction, and lightning-fast response, he bears all the qualities that also mark a good trader. Olymp Trade is certain Ronaldinho will bring a fresh and like-minded face to the trading platform as well as inspiration to its traders.

Collaboration with Ronaldinho - New Beginnings

Ronaldinho started playing football when he was seven. It took him many years of everyday practice and dedication before he could become a vital member of Brazils 2002 World Cup Champion team. On his way to success, “Gaucho” built a legacy with hard work, dedication, and unrelenting belief in himself. Those qualities translated into his work and allowed Ronaldinho to pursue his greatest dream.

Just like the way of Ronaldinho, trading along the Trader‘s Way is a constant movement forward with new levels of experience, new statuses, and new opportunities for Olymp Trade’s users.The common values that the brand and the football player have is an inspiration for the traders who can begin their path to success.

“I am excited to be part of the Olymp Trade team and am looking forward to the activities we will do together. Same as in football, in the financial market you need to have skill and apply effort, but you also need to dare and grab success as it comes.” - Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Olymp Trades collaboration with Ronaldinho is indeed a new beginning for the trading platform. Having the star football player on board will help enhance public awareness about quality services that the platform provides and give its users a bright example of success and financial independence. Ronaldinho showcases that believing in yourself, being dedicated to your craft, combining it with knowledge, and relentlessly pursuing your goals can unlock unlimited opportunities.

About Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a leading international online investment brokerage that provides its clients with access to trading markets, while offering a wide range of financial and fiduciary services to a substantial global and diverse audience of individual investors. Founded 下载Olymp Trade移动应用程序 in 2014, the company maintains operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

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